Tom Dixon, The Restaurant @ Milan Design Week 2016

London to Milan with two fully loaded long wheel base vans, driving eighteen hours on the road covering over eight hundred miles for Tom Dixon’s after-party at the stunning Rotonda Della Besana in the heart of Milan. Live music, DJ and partying into the early hours of the morning, ACE Bros supplied full production equipment hire and technical crew.


Clockwise from top right; Aleks, Dean Dominic and Charles managing a bit of culture before getting their event prof caps on

We had the pleasure and honour once again to collaborate with Tom and his team on their yearly project for Milan Design week, which was to be hosted at the Rotonda Della Besana in Milan, Italy. First thing Monday morning we load two long wheel base vans with sound and light hire equipment and hit the road for Milan. With a technical four crew we took shifts for the eighteen hour drive across France, over the alps and into Italy.

We arrived Tuesday afternoon, checked in to our accommodation and stopped by Tom Dixons ‘The Restaurant’. For Milan Design Week 2016 Tom Dixon collaborated with Caesarstone to create an immersive restaurant featuring a series of four sculptural kitchens. The kitchens took inspiration from the four classic elements; earth, fire, wind and water. The venue was Rotonda Della Besana, a cruciform Baroque building, lending itself perfectly to divide the four kitchens. Each kitchen cooked one course and featured the smells, furnishing and illumination of Tom Dixon products.


 Final tweaks to the electronic drum kit and stage is almost ready

ACE Bros supplied four elements of the live music equipment hire industry; backline, lighting, sound system and technical crew. Our lighting hire selection for the after-party stage made use of a mixture of Chauvet fixtures; these included Chauvet Intimidator 150 Spot LED Moving head lights, Chauvet ColourPIX-M’s (moving LED pixel battens) and Chauvet Strike 324 strobe lights. Haze atomospherics to help enhance the light show produced by Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D machine.

We knew in advance that we have limited install time as the Restaurant was open to the public all day and closed for a couple of hours to allow for a quick turnaround, sound check and opening the doors for the evening party. The lighting rig was designed and addressed in London to aid a rapid install time and maximise sound check for the live act.

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 Stage complete with backline and lighting ready for the evening concert

Backline hire comprised of Fender guitar amps, Ashdown bass amp and a Roland electronic drum kit. As we do with all our hire equipment we fully tested and serviced each item before departure to ensure there were no issues on the day or during the gig. Our stock of drum kits for hire as well as guitar amps and bass amps are listed our website, so if you are in need of backline hire for your band, gig or tour do please get in touch.

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Compact and reliable, our trusted  Allen & Heath Qu24 digital mixing console

Tom Dixon has been using various metals and finishes in his design so for the sound system hire we brought along the perfectly suited Flare Audio X3 aluminium 3-way loudspeaker. The X3A speakers were paired with the Q18 subwoofers and powered by the worlds finest and highly trusted Lab Gruppen amplifiers. Control over the microphones and inputs was provided by an  Allen & Heath Qu24 digital mixing console and an IPad with the Qu software app, which allowed us to mix audio from the ideal position and not have any trailing audio leads or mixing consoles in the middle of an energetic crowd. In total this package offers supreme audio quality in a very compact footprint without detracting from the well designed interior display. If you are considering a sound system hire then contact us if you would like to experience the sound system used on this event.


Wallpaper magazine Editor-in-Chief Tony Chambers playing guitar (left) with Tom Dixon’s design band ROUGH 

The guests at Tom Dixon’s after party enjoyed live music from the ‘designers by day, rockstars by night’ band ‘Rough’ with a special guest appearance from Wallpaper magazine Editor-in-Chief Tony Chambers on guitar supported. Eran Kendler provided the guitar chops, Steph Hannah on keys and sharing vocal duties with front woman Billie Ray Martin. One of Toms close friends Paul Pethick keep everyone in time on the drums. ‘Rough’ played in front of 500 cheering guests who engaged with every track creating a beautiful party atmosphere. We were stoked with the reception and satisfied all our hard work paid off.

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Crowd go bonkers for the loud music and light show inside Rotonda Della Besana church in Milan

At the stroke of midnight the live music was over but the DJ kept the proceedings going till the early hours of Wednesday morning. The Rotonda Della Besana provided a fantastic setting for the after-party, dancing amongst the Tom Dixon furniture made it feel like an epic house party with Johnnie Walker as the elixir that helped raise the roof and experience at this classic venue. On events like this, you do wish it could keep on going with the added bonus of not having to de-rig!

Nonetheless, the event concluded, it was a Wednesday morning after all and we suspect people still had to return to work in a few hours, where as our gig was not quite over. de-rig commenced, we loaded the vans, grabbed a bite to eat before the sun came up, caught a few sleep and then hit the road for London where another immersive experience inspired by Japanese art was awaiting us….

Thank you to Tom and everyone involved for having us back for another Milan design week extravaganza. The bar has been raised and we are excited to see what Milan Design week 2017 holds!



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For Tom Dixon live in Milan we supplied the following equipment hire and event services:

Backline Hire
LED Lighting Hire
Sound System Hire
Speaker Hire
Power Amp Hire
Digital Mixing Console Hire
Microphone Hire
Technical Crew