Shamanic Birthday Rituals

Ayahuascan vibes, electric wonderland and shamanic sounds were the main elements for this private birthday party. This was undoubtably going to be a special treat for us and the client, so when we got the call to enhance a vintage speigeltent Idolize with event lighting and indulge the worshipers with some divine frequencies, we went full swami.


Van Rosmalen Idolize Speigeltent washed in a multi-colur chase using outdoor LED lighting

Every event is a special occassion and we get to see that on a daily basis. When you are presented with venue specification like the Van Rosmalen Idolize speigeltent that extra element of special is apparent from the start. These unique temporary structures were originally built in Belgium in the early 20th Century and feature a round wooden dance floor, elegant booths, ornate carvings and an ambience that you will not find with any other tent.

Electric Wonderland ACE Bros Backline, DJ, Lighting and PA System Rental inside the Speigeltent

Table set for the guests, the centre piece of the speigeltent lit up with LED motion orb lighting

This canvas was far from blank and it allowed us to indulge this gig from an immersive experience perspective and not a limited single focus point production. A huge custom round table was constructed in the centre of the speigeltent and fabulously decorated by party planner Saucy Cow and her team. Tarott cards, candles, moss, flowers and a central display of crystals adorned the table, it was a truly magnificent sight.


Like nothing we have seen before

Lighting was the most invovled portion for this event and presented the opportunity for muti-level lighting design as the evening progressed. Outside from the main house leading to the Speigeltent we hung 300 meteres of Festoon looms with over 850 multi coloured lamps and used IP rated outdoor LED Par cans to wash the exterior of the speigeltent. Inside we rigged up a mixture of LED Moving head lights, static LED luminaires, LED UV panels, LED beam shots, two mirror balls and Motion Orbs.


Nightfall embraces the speigeltent and UV lights bring to life the table decorations which had been coated with UV Paint

The one bit of lighting kit that transcended our experience was the Chauvet Motion Orb. Hung from the very centre point of the speigeltent roof we divided the display into six soft curve hangs. With five looms per control bar and each loom at 4 metres in length made a total of 120 metres of LED Orb looms. The Motion Orbs offered a beautiful array of lighting options and control, which meant we could change from subtle glows during dinner to full pixel mapping madness during the live music and DJ set.


Custom DJ booth utilising Chauvet NEXUS LED panels and Strike strobe lighting

Thirty guests were expected, so the sound system hire package required was compact. We installed Flare Audio V12 tops with Q18 subwoofers, powered by our trusted Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers. For the live music an Allen & Heath QU24 was on duty. The last element of enlightening entertainment was a custom DJ booth utilising Chauvet NEXUS LED pixel panels with an outer layer of Chauvet Strike strobe lights. Hypnotic strobing effects with trippy chases, it was magic!


The Turbans deliver their eastern fusion wordly tunes through a Flare Audio system

Live music rituals were performed by the Turbans, an international musical collective bringing together exciting traditional near and far eastern music. We supplied backline hire for the band, which included Ashdown bass combo amps and Fender guitar combo amps. Following the profound live music experience the spiritual DJ continued proceedings on DJ equipment rental Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus with DJM900 Nexus.

Thank you to our Audio & Lighting Team, Saucy Cow and her lovely bunch of merry helpers, the onsite staff and PA. From start to finish it was an absolute pleasure, we were in good company, left wanting for nothing and blessed to have had the great fortune of working together on such a beautiful project.

Love, Light & Sound 🙂



ACE Bros supplied the following event equipement and technical crew:

Backline Hire
Event Lighting Hire
SFX Hire
Sound System Hire
Speaker Hire
Digital Mixing Console
Power Amp
Microphone Hire
Technical Crew

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