Miitu Clothing Line Launch Feat. Nikolaj Bloch

nikolaj Bloch playing guitar

When love, fabric and music meet we were bound for a good treat. Set inside Grace Belgravia (Knightsbridge), London’s only health, wellbeing and lifestyle members’ club for women, organic fashion brand ‘Miitu’, who make clothing exclusively out of linen were launching a variety of new lines. One can imagine how happy we were to oblige and supply this most beautiful

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Flare Audio Speaker Hire Stock Increased

ACE Bros are big advocates of Flare Audio loudspeakers and so we are thrilled to announce the addition of Flare Audio X5A’s to our speaker hire stock as well as increased quantities of Q18 subwoofers and V12C monitors. Our clients have been highly impressed with the versatility and capabilities of the Flare Audio product range,

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Halloween 2015 @ Hoxton Docks

The Locke & Holde Preparatory School for Gifted Youngsters opened its arcane doors on Saturday 31st October for an induction into a theatrical school for the occult, the necromantic, the demonic and the down right abominable. With a myriad of creepy spectacles all on the curriculum from mariachis, punks and Cabarets it was all frightfully exciting and we had

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Tom Dixon, Multiplex @ Selfridges

For the 2015 London Design festival Tom Dixon hosted a pop-up department store called MULTIPLEX at Old Selfridges Hotel, which allowed for an immersive and multi-sensory exploration into how the future of retail may one day be. Visitors were able to discover an eclectic mix of services and unique products from many industries as well as broadening their experiences through the

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Flare Audio Launch Zero Speaker

British Pro Audio manufacturers Flare Audio unveiled ZERO, the crown jewel of their speaker enclosure range to a packed audience at Olympic Studios. Flare Zero is aimed at professional studios, musicians and audiophiles as well as high-end consumers to experience and indulge in the sounds that the recording artist intended you to hear. Flare Audio Zero displayed and demonstrated at

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Tom Dixon Live at Pompidou Centre, Paris

Tom Dixon has a band called ROUGH and their debut gig was at Milan Design Week 2015. They followed it up with a second show was in NYC at ICFF 2015. So naturally when Paris Design Week was being celebrated along with the launch of the new Tom Dixon window display at the Pompidou Centre ROUGH band get back

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Juke Joint Travels onward for Private Mini Festival

Juke Joint Mini Festival with Flare Audio hire, Lighting Hire, Backline Hire and Technical crew supplied by Ace Bros

Only a couple of weeks had passed since Wilderness Festival 2015 when we got the call to venture back to the Oxfordshire country side. A mini festival based on the Juke Joint themed stage featured at Wilderness was hosted on private grounds. ACE Bros supplied the outdoor PA system, backline, event lighting, truss structure and technical crew

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Juke Joint, Wilderness Festival 2015

Festival season in full swing, happy campers pitched up, BBQ’s smoking away and live music pumping, we found ourselves back for the fifth Wilderness Festival and our second year supporting Petersham Road and their Juke Joint stage, a rhythm and blues barrel house that was the hidden gem of Wilderness Festival. Starting the day relaxing to some rhythm and

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Benny Friedman Live in Concert, London UK

Benny Friedman is an American Hasidic Jewish singer and one of the fastest rising stars in Jewish music. Consistently proving his talent and versatility he tours extensively using his music as an outreach tool, drawing Jews closer to Judaism. LFJC called in ACE Bros to provide full band backline, a professional sound system, event lighting and technical crew to install

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Tom Dixon The Cinema - Milan Design Week 2015

Tom Dixon is a world renowed British designer who has produced iconic designs since the 80’s. The Tom Dixon brand was established in 2002. Fast forward to 2015 Milan Design Week, Tom Dixon transformed an abandoned theatre in central Milan to launch his 2015 collection. ACE Bros got the call to supply event sound and lighting along with crew for the live

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