Halloween 2015 @ Hoxton Docks

The Locke & Holde Preparatory School for Gifted Youngsters opened its arcane doors on Saturday 31st October for an induction into a theatrical school for the occult, the necromantic, the demonic and the down right abominable. With a myriad of creepy spectacles all on the curriculum from mariachis, punks and Cabarets it was all frightfully exciting and we had the absolute displeasure of helping to get the place in order.

Halloween at Hoxton Docks Ace Bros PA Hire Event Lighting

Main hall with adjoining chapel and live music stage

Halloween; a staple event on the yearly occassions list, and one of our damned favourites. For 2015 we were enrolled in a production hosted at Hoxton Docks in London; The Locke & Holde Preparatory School for Gifted Youngsters. With many rooms, nooks and cranies to be explored this called for creative and selective use of event lighting and SFX. With no less than six areas to cover we had a lot of homework to get on with.

Halloween at Hoxton Docks Ace Bros Band PA Hire and Stage Lighting Hire

Punk band the London SS instigating disruption in the class

The main hall was taken over by some troublsome punks going by the name of the London SS. The PA system hire package supplied was a Flare Audio rig comprising of V8 tops and Q18 subs, powered by Lab.gruppen amps and controlled with a Allen & Heath QU24 digital mixing console. We supplied backline hire for the grim bunch and kept them illuminated with LED lights.

Halloween Hoxton Docks Ace Bros DJ PA Hire and Event Lighting Hire

DJ sound system setup in the dance area

Blood soaked plastic sheeting and body parts everywhere, the horrific dance disco area featured a Flare Audio V12 and Q18 sound system configuration with Pioneer DJ equipment. So after enjoying a raucous stage show of head spliting music and a grotesquerie of acts, guests were dragged screaming to the slaughter house.

Halloween at Hoxton Docks Ace Bros PA Hire Event Lighting

After the ritual the hedonistic revelers broke the rules and got on to the sinful dancefloor

The lighting installed for the dance space utilised LED moving head spot lights, beam shots with large mirror ball, LED par cans, strobe lighting and plenty of smoke machines to enchance the atmosphere. Once the teachers managed to regain control of the naughty youngsters and had them tucked away in their bunks we said farewell to another Halloween and faced detention duties to de-rig all event lighting and PA systems.

Halloween at Hoxton Docks Ace Bros Backline Rental, Drum Hire, PA Hire and Event Services

 ACE Bros backline hire complete with custom Halloween drum head

Pain for pleasure in this case, and it was worth the blood, sweat and more blood. Thank you to headmistresses and masters of Lock & Holde for the unpleasant time and delectable lessons in inappropriate behaviour and decadence. It was our great displeasure to assist with backline hire and PA system hire for the London SS, to look after the rotten DJ sound system rental and fulfil evil event lighting hire for the ungrateful wretches.

Wickedest wishes ABx


For The Locke & Holde School for Gifted Youngsters, ACE Bros supplied the following event equipement and technical crew:

Backline Hire
Event Lighting Hire
SFX Hire
Sound System Hire
Speaker Hire
Power amp
Digital Mixing console
Technical Crew

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