Flare Audio Launch Zero Speaker

British Pro Audio manufacturers Flare Audio unveiled ZERO, the crown jewel of their speaker enclosure range to a packed audience at Olympic Studios. Flare Zero is aimed at professional studios, musicians and audiophiles as well as high-end consumers to experience and indulge in the sounds that the recording artist intended you to hear.


Flare Audio Zero displayed and demonstrated at Olympic Studios, London

Flare Zero is a stunning system both visually and audibly. Fabricated from aerospace-grade aluminium by the same company that produces parts for Rolls Royce, it stands at 1.8m high and has an elegant but equally impossing presence that makes for focal point in any studio setting or luxury home. This high-spec system features Flare Audio’s patent-pending 3D printed spiralled Vortex exhausts and Space technologies, resulting in high-power, high-definition sound as smooth as silk and as crisp was ice.


Flare Audio Zero on display at Plasa London 2015

Flare Zero is a stack of four circular enclosures, each containing a single driver – 1in, 5in, 10in and 18in. Maximum SPLs for these vary between 114dB (the 5in Zero 5) and 128.8dB (the 18in Zero 18). Each system purchased is personally delivered and installed by the team, it throws out 3.5kw of sound, the equivalent of a club audio installation, giving you live concert audio quality in the venue, studio or home. The ‘strictly price on application’ tag will give you an idea of the bracket here – but Flare guarantees it’s the best sound you’ll hear.

Flare Audio Hire

The Flare Audio Zero system maybe out of your price range or not suitable for your application, however we have a full range of Flare Audio speakers for hire, so there is something here for you to experience the Flare Audio clarity. Below are some of the Flare Audio PA System rental options available:

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