Flare Audio Speaker Hire Stock Increased

ACE Bros are big advocates of Flare Audio loudspeakers and so we are thrilled to announce the addition of Flare Audio X5A’s to our speaker hire stock as well as increased quantities of Q18 subwoofers and V12C monitors. Our clients have been highly impressed with the versatility and capabilities of the Flare Audio product range, so when the opportunity arose to acquire more units we seized it immediately.

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Flare Audio X3A loudspeakers Flare Audio Q18 horn loaded subwoofers at Juke Joint stage, Wilderness Festival 2015

Sound hire is one of our specialities, we are fortunate enough to supply PA system hire to a broad spectrum of events, venues and industries which include live entertainment market, commercial venues, AV, houses of worship, studios, festivals and touring. With extremely accurate sonic footprint Flare Audio’s innovative approach has provided a range of speakers that delivers high definition audio with exceptional vocal clarity from very compact speaker enclosures which has allowed us to improve our client’s events and their expectations of audio delivery.

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Flare Audio V8 loudspeaker powered by Lab.gruppen IPD1200 at the Red Lion Pub, Parliament St, London

Flare Audio loudspeaker range caters for all event types and applications from corporate to concert sound, discos to weddings, clubs, pubs, festivals and every other event in between. Manufactured in the UK, Flare Audio unique concept loudspeaker enclosure design produce superb results. You have to hear these speakers to truly appreciate the research and development that has gone into their designs. The Flare sound had us at the first song and is the main reason we stock these exceptional speakers for hire or sale in the UK and EU.

london speaker hire, pa hire, sound system hire

Flare Audio SB18C subwoofer with Flare Audio V8 loudspeaker

The UK hosts some of the best known events and with revellers expecting a good time, quality audio plays a big role. Small events deserve the same pro audio detail that larger concerts demand, so with compact rigs like the Flare Audio V8 top combined with Flare Audio SB18C flat panel subwoofer we can ensure that any club, party or wedding reception dance floor will enjoy detailed sound. The sound pressure levels measured from these compact boxes outperform many of the much larger sized boxes in their comparable field.

Compact systems like the V8 and SB18 combo also allows us to reduce trucking volume, a cost saving that we happily pass onto the client through our low London speaker hire rates which we can offer nationwide. On their own the Flare Audio V8  loudspeakers are equally suitable for all small PA hire applications where quality speech audio is desired such as conference events, where up to eight Flare Audio V8’s can be daisy chained of a single amplifier keeping overall hire costs to a minimum.

london speaker hire, pa hire, sound system hire

Pioneer CDJ2000NXS DJ setup, Flare Audio Q18 and V12 FOH system with Flare Audio SB18C and V8C DJ monitoring

For many of our DJ clients and small live music venues we recommend Flare Audio V12 twinned with Q18 subs – a cheap PA Hire solution with big sound in a compact package. Flare Audio V12 speaker delivers accurately detailed mid and high range frequencies and pairs up beautifully with the Q18 subwoofer. This is our most popular party sound system hire package for customers looking for big sound but not big boxes.

The flexibility of the Flare Audio Q18 subwoofer makes it possible to be used in every situation where quality bass is a requirement. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, from clubs to concert sound and wedding celebrations the modular Flare Audio Q18 subwoofer features a pair of 18″ drivers and can be stacked to achieve the ideal wall of bass for any given event.


Flare Audio Q18 subwoofer stack of eight boxes per side for a total of sixteen 18″ drivers dishing out bass

If crisp audio and speaker aesthetics are important for your event then look no further than Flare Audi S1 & SB12 aluminium flat panel loudspeakers. These beautifully crafted loudspeakers are stunning and perfect for corporate events, conferences, brand launches and even wedding receptions. The Flare Audio S1 & SB12 aluminium loudspeakers sound as good as they look!

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Flare Audio S1s and SB12A’s at Bombay Sapphire’s annual Bar Man Of the Year competition


Aluminium is a major player in Flare Audio loudspeaker design and will be found on all the top tier products from the studio S1 range right through to the X5A concert systems. We enjoy every opportunity to raise the stakes and supply some serious sound reinforcement, so when it comes to concert and festival sound hire we supply Flare Audio X5A. Capable of outputting an incredible 142 decibels per box the X5A is the ultimate in scalability from point source ground stacks to array hangs or up to 22 enclosures per side anyone who comes into contact with an X5A will be blown away by the high fidelity audio at high output.


Line Array hang of ten Flare Audio X5A 

If you would like to learn more about Flare Audio systems or need to book a sound system contact us today to discuss your event requirements further. We provide first class service and the best tailored audio solution for your events from studio monitors to large scale stadium line arrays all at fantastic speaker hire rates.


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