Belladonna, Grande Damme of The Underworld

When hosting a Halloween event, every bit of detail counts to ensure the result has real depth and haunted charm to it. What helps to support that character is location choice, and nothing suits better than abandonded, derelict and old buildings. In this case an old Royal Mail sorting office, this was going to be a ripper, and we think you’ll agree.

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-001The old post office hall cleared and ready for Belladonna and family to move in

Belladonna Atropa is the Mistress of Shadows, the Queen of Darkness, the most unholy and respected practitioner of all things despicable and hostess of her first event in a thousand generations. On Saturday 1st November, All Saints Day, The Grande Damme of The Underworld opened the gates of her most infamous and illustrious home, to the children of the night for an immersive evening with Belladonna herself and her band of murderous misfits.

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-004ACE Bros provided full sound, light and event equipment for Belladonna’s halloween shindig

The FOH system comprised of homegrown Flare Audio X3A high packs and Q18 subwoofers and powered by Swedish unrivaled excellene PLM and IPD amplification. FOH and monitor sound was controlled by an Allen & Heath QU24 desk and an Apple iPad. Side fill monitoring consisted of Flare Audio SB18 subwoofers and V8 high packs.

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-048The Dirty Gentlemen get the revelers dancing

Backline supplied was an Ashdown bass combo, Fender valve combo amps and a full drum kit. The DJ’s kept the fiendish guests dancing till late on the popular standard setup; Pioneer CDJ2000’s with a DJM900 Nexus mixer.

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-022The Graveyard area in fully spooky effect

For a successful halloween event the decorations and lighting are crucial. The event lighting supplied was all LED lamp luminaires and provided a mix of flood, beam and effect lighting with special effects like the low fog hugging the floor enchanced the eerie graveyard perfectly.

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-028Not a halloween affair without carved pumpkins

The attention to detail for the decor was second to none, carved pumpkins, spell books, graveyard, coffins and trees along with the presence of Belladonna and her dysfunctional family gave the whole event a superb authenticity.

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-045Saucy Cow behaving … well, saucy

The wikedly conjoured evening was the doing of Saucy Cow, one of London’s most sought after party planners and bespoke prop makers who knows a thing or two about putting together a top class event. Your event is in safe hands with Saucy Cow and her showcase for Belladonna’s was a prime example of an inmmersive world with delectable enertainment.

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-046Full house and ready to raise hell

Live music, perverted performances and late night revelries guests enjoyed a series of spectacles from conjoined twins being seperated to devilish dancers as well as an amazing performance from Sasha Flexy and Hauk Pattison at the stroke of Midnight.

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-058Sasha Flexy and Hauk Pattison 

ACE-Bros-Belladonnas-Halloween-2014-sound-light-hire-033Mirth & Misery and their Death Puppet Klezma Jam performing in the underbelly of Belladonna’s


Dead sexy


From rags to witches a world of naughty souls were in attendance


A truly spectacular event, it was great to work with Saucy Cow and Petersham Rd to achieve the splendid results and we are looking forward to the next debaucherous occassion.

Best wishes and see you all soon. ABx


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