Special Effects Hire

Special Effects or SFX for short refers to the mechanical equipment that produces atmospheric and physical effects such as bubbles, snow or smoke. Live special effects will enrich the light show and heighten events settings.

Immersive and Special, SFX equipment has been used to simulate conditions for the film, television and theatre industry for years. We handle the mechanical effects equipment used to create atmospheric effects which include, bubbles, fog, haze and snow. Combined with lighting special effects brings another dimension to your event or stage by enhancing the atmosphere and the beams of light for audiences and guests.

ACE SFX, ACE Rates, you can hire special effects equipment from us or buy the machines with the option to have it delivered and installed. Whether it’s for a single gig or for a permanent install we will offer the best prices in London and the UK.

Can’t find the special effect you need for or not sure which one? Your brothers in special effects equipment are here to help, so get in touch with your requirements and allow us to guide you through the world of special effect possibilities.

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Fog Machine Hire

Haze Machine Hire

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