Strobe Light Hire

Strobe Light, short for stroboscopic lamp and more commonly called just strobe, is a device used to create flashes of light. Originating from the Greek strobos, meaning “act of whirling”, strobe lights are used with great effect for events and entertainment industries.

Classic unique effect strobe lights are used in scientific and industrial applications but are also very popular in clubs and live music venues where they are used for audience blinders, the illusion of slow motion and enhancing intensity or impact for climactic moments as well as theatrical lighting e.g. simulate lightning. We have traditional strobe lights and LED models which offer greater control and a few other cool strobe effects.

Safety Warning – strobe lighting has been known to trigger seizures in photosensitive epilepsy. Studies have shown that the majority of people that are susceptible to the strobing effects can have symptoms at 15 Hz-70 Hz, although rare. Most strobe lights available to the public are factory-limited to about 10–12 Hz (10–12 flashes per second) in their internal oscillators. Other studies have shown epileptic symptoms at the 15 Hz rate with over 90 seconds of continuous staring at a strobe light. There have been no known seizures at or below the 8 Hz level.

ACE Value, ACE Rates, the services we provide are affordable, reliable and professional, giving you complete peace of mind for any event you are organising. We offer strobe hire for London, and the surrounding boroughs as well as nationwide carriage for larger events so opt for our delivery, set-up and collection service to lighten the load. Get in touch for a full quotation.

Can’t find the strobe lights you are looking for or not sure which to choose? We are here to help, so get in touch with your event lighting requirements and allow us to illuminate the world of strobe lights to you.

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