Laser Hire

A device that emits laser light though the process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation, quite the mouth full and bit too long for products, so the well-known acronym term ‘laser’ was neologised.

Classic and Unique, laser light shows were born in the early 70’s and have maintained a strong interest due to its sharp beam effect and multi-function uses. With optical scanning lasers can be used to draw patterns on walls, ceilings or other surfaces including smoke and fog. Lasers have the potential to cause eye damage if aimed directly into the eye, so be careful.

ACE Value, ACE Rates We have single or full colour laser, multi-point laser and XY scanner lasers for hire or purchase and can rig them for a single gig or a permanent install. Laser light can be used for decorative stage lighting displays or scanned across crowds. We follow guidelines established by the ILDA to ensure lasers are used safely and legally.

Can’t find the Laser lights you are looking for or not sure? Your brothers in Laser Lighting are here to help, so get in touch with your event lighting requirements and allow us to illuminate the world of lasers to you.

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