Intelligent Lighting Hire

Intelligent lights have automated and mechanical abilities that are not found on generic or static luminaires. Often called moving head lights, intelligent lights have been used on stages and dance venues but are also suited with great effect to award shows, corporate events and product launches.

Full Control Light Shows are possible with intelligent lights as they offer full 360 rotation, with the ability to zoom and focus the light from a wash effect to a tight beam that cuts through the air. These lights can be used to create fantastic displays that focus on solo performers or interesting moving backdrops by mixing beams, wash lights and rotating gobos.

ACE Value, ACE Rates, our range of intelligent lights cover small disco parties to outdoor festival stages and crowds. Hire or buy intelligent lights from ACE Bros, we can rig them for a single gig or complete a permanent install. Browse our gallery for examples of our work and get in touch for a full quotation.

Can’t find the Intelligent lights you are looking for or not sure? Your brothers in Lighting are here to help, so get in touch with your event lighting requirements and allow us to illuminate you on the world of intelligent lights.

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