Generic Lighting Hire

Often categorised as conventional or generic lighting, this sub category of luminaires that use old technology such as gas discharge and incandescent lamps. Even though LED technology has come a long way, the colour warmth associated with generic lights and lower cost means they are still in demand.

Classic but still in action, conventional or generic is a little vague in definition and possibly out of date considering LED lamp’s availability and common use, however, all luminaires in this sub category use popular traditional lamp technologies and are generally cheaper than their LED counterparts and require dimmer packs to control brightness. For higher lumen output metal halide lamps offer a good level of efficiency and power.

ACE Value, ACE Rates, sometimes LED luminaries do not offer the ambience that generic fixtures output, so we hold a stock of the classic and popular generic lights that suit stage and entertainment applications. We can supply a range of generic lights and can rig them for a single gig or for a permanent install. Browse our gallery for ideas and get in touch for a full quotation.

Can’t find the Generic lights you are looking for or not sure? Don’t’ black out, as your brothers in lighting we are here to help, so get in touch with your event lighting requirements and allow us to illuminate the world of generic lights.

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