Event Lighting Hire

Event lighting covers the full range of lights for all event types. Static lights to wash surfaces from above or below, stage lights to illuminate acts, decorative lights to dress venues and moving head lights which offer moving beam, spotlight, wash and effects to create interesting light shows and displays.

Effective Event Lighting ensures your event will be enjoyed and remembered, it helps make certain features stand out, it will excite attendee or enhance a mood in themed spaces and rooms. With such a wide selection of event light options it’s important to plan a light design that will support the brand, theme or event for maximum impact and wow factor.

Full Production, Event Success we have highly experienced and proficient crew, lighting designers and techs who will install and operate the event lights you select. We can supply a range of event lights for hire or purchase and we can rig them or a single gig or complete a permanent install. Browse our gallery for ideas and get in touch for a full quotation.

Can’t find the Event lighting you are looking for or not sure? Your brothers in Event Lighting are here to help, so contact us with your event lighting requirements and allow us to illuminate the world of Event Lighting options to you.

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