Disco Ball Hire

Disco ball, also known as mirror ball is a classic, simple and effective fixture that is a popular item for many event types. Classic disco throwback parties or wedding receptions and even large stage shows, rotating disco balls paired with beam lights or lasers offer a unique and lovely effect that never grows old.

Never Out of Fashion the disco ball has been widely used in nightclubs and dance halls since the 1900’s, on large concert tours and recent festivals enjoyed by many. A simple concept, a rotating spherical object covered in hundreds or thousands of mirrored surfaces reflecting light that has been directed at it still gets people in the mood to dance the night away.

ACE Value ACE Rates on all our disco balls, available for hire or purchase, we can install them for a single gig or a permanent install. With long or short term rental options and at competitive rates we definitely have disco balls that will meet your event budget and specification.

Can’t find the Disco ball you needor not sure? As your brothers in disco lighting we are here to help, so contact us with your disco ball requirements and allow us to illuminate the myriad of Disco Ball options.

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