Decorative Lights

For the events and occasions where lighting is used to dress the venue, decorative lights serve to enhance the setting rather than become the focus. Decorative lights can be used to uplight and wash walls and features with festoon lights providing ambience and enveloping the event space.

Unique and Festive decorative lights are often used on product launches, parties and weddings. Making use of regular incandescent or LED lamps, decorative lights can wash various surfaces to help heighten a mood or feature. The wireless battery operated lights are discreet lights with no need for mains power connection which reduces cables trailing across rooms and doorways. We also offer custom decorative light designed for specific events as well as letter lights.

ACE Value ACE Rates on all our decorative lights, available for hire or purchase, we can install them for a single gig or a permanent install. With long or short term rental options and at competitive rates we definitely have decorative lights that will meet your event budget and specification.

Can’t find the Battery Operated Light you seek or not sure? As your brothers in lighting we are here to help, so get in touch with your lighting requirements and allow us to illuminate the world of Battery Operated Lights to you.

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