Battery Operated Lights

Battery operated lights are remarkable fixtures utilising LED lamp technology and rechargeable batteries in small enclosures perfect for uplighting and washing venue walls and features that are not easily accessible with mains power. Eliminate trip hazards and visual eyesores of trailing power cables with battery operated lights.

Compact, Wireless and LED efficiency, battery operated lights are popular for but not limited to product launches, corporate events and weddings. Their sleek design and integrated battery make them discreet lights great for washing vertical surfaces with no need to access mains power or run cables across rooms and doorways. The multi-colour LEDs offer colour mixing to suit branding or themes and dimming means you can get the right ambience without the need for lighting controllers.

ACE Value ACE Rates on all our battery powered lights, available for hire or purchase, we can install them for a single gig or a permanent install. With long or short term rental options and at competitive rates we definitely have battery operated lights that will meet your event budget and specification. We have various battery operated lighting bundles and packages available.

Can’t find the Battery Operated Light you seek? As your brothers in lighting we are here to help, so get in touch with your lighting requirements and allow us to illuminate the world of Battery Operated Lights to you.
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