Guitar Amplifier Hire

Electric guitar amplifiers often just called a ‘guitar head’ or ‘guitar amp’ is an electronic device that amplifies low power audio signals of an electric guitar to a suitable level that can drive one or more loudspeakers. Guitar amplifiers also allow modification of the instruments tone with electronic effects.

There are three common types of guitar amplifier which are referred to by their technology; Solidstate, Valve or Hybrid. Our selection of guitar amplification available for hire includes all the guitar amp types. We have the right guitar amp for all styles, gigs and event types. Rental options include long or short term hires with or without backline technicians and sound engineers.

Can’t find the guitar amp you are looking for or not sure which one? Don’t fret! – As your brothers in backline, we are here to help, so please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your guitar amp hire requirements and allow us to guide you through the wonderful world of backline and guitar amp possibilities.
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