Bass Speaker Cabinet Hire

Bass guitar speaker cabinet, bass guitar speaker or simply just bass cab, all these terms refer to the enclosure housing a combination of bass drivers that translates the amplified bass guitar audio signal into audible sound.

Bass guitar cabs are tailored to the low frequency response requirements of the bass guitar range. The common bass cab driver size is 10” or 15” with various combinations of the two driver diameters. 10” offers a tighter and punchier response compared to the depth and warmth of a 15”. Our bass cab hire stock covers all bases with flavours to suit all styles, genres and gig sizes.

Can’t find the bass speaker cab you are looking for or not sure which one? Don’t blow a driver! – As your brothers in backline, we are here to help, so please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your bass speaker hire requirements and allow us to guide you through the wonderful world of backline and bass guitar speaker cab possibilities.
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