Passive Speaker Hire

Passive loudspeakers are speaker systems with an electro-acoustic transducer housed in an enclosure but require external amplification. We have a range of passive speakers available for hire suitable for most gig sizes.

Passive loudspeaker systems are ‘unpowered’ systems that need a power amplifier to power the drivers and produce sounds. The benefit of passive speakers is clear when you can connect multiple speakers to a single amp, which helps reduce the costs associated with hiring many speakers. We have compact monitors, perfect for small public address systems right through to monitors suited for stage use and bass subwoofer loudspeakers for dance and music events.

Can’t find the passive speaker you are looking for, or not sure which one? As your brothers in audio we are here to help, so if you do not see the passive speaker model that you need, then please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your event requirements and allow us to guide you through the wonderful world of PA speaker possibilities.
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