Wireless Microphone Hire

Wireless microphones, also known as radio microphones, are not connected with a physical cable to any sound recording or amplifying equipment. Utilising a battery-powered radio transmitter, the audio signal from the microphone is transmitted by radio waves to a nearby receiver unit, which will be connected with a cable to audio equipment like a mixing console.

Our professional wireless microphone systems transmit in UHF radio frequency and are available as a handheld microphone with integrated transmitter or body-pack transmitter, which connects with a thin wire to a headset microphone, lavalier microphone or guitar. Rent wireless microphones individually or as sets, for vocals or instruments, recording or sound reinforcement applications, we have what you need. We offer long or short rental periods on all microphone rental products.

Can’t find the wireless microphone you are looking for, or not sure which one? As your brothers in audio we are here to help, so get in touch to discuss your event equipment requirements and allow us to guide you through the wonderful world of audio and PA possibilities.
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