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Flare Audio has set a new standard in professional audio speaker systems, through innovative enclosure design and application of new technologies. The resulting loudspeakers allow artists to project high definition audio clearly allowing them to better connect with the audience and enabling sound engineers to hone a detailed mix.



Flare Audio founder Davies Roberts entered the pro audio industry in 2007 as Purple Audio; a professional PA equipment and personnel hire business. Not content with the clarity and tourability of market leading products, Roberts began experimenting with speaker enclosure design and created loudspeakers based on the theory of Waveform Integrity, which states; “the loudspeaker should be sonically invisible, neither adding nor detracting from the clarity of sound produced by the driver.”


The result is patent-pending Nanoflow TM driver alignment, Space TM enclosure structure, and Vortex TM porting technology, which combine to produce high definition audio with unsurpassed vocal clarity in fully scalable compact enclosures suitable for live music arenas to personal studios.

Flare has developed two technologies that maintain accurate Waveform integrity:


Award Winning

The Flare Audio SB18C bass enclosure won an Innovation Award at the PLASA 2013 trade show. The SB series compact bassloudspeaker enclosures deliver clear, defined and solid bass audio. The judges said, “This product uses a truly innovative approach to an age-old problem. It takes the concept of reducing materials to a whole new level and the technologies that have been adopted offer exciting possibilities.”

The Flare Audio X5A from the X-Series range also won a special commendation as it shares the same innovative concept as the award-winning Flare Audio SB18C.

Why ACE Bros choose Flare Audio?

Simply put, we have been blown away with audio detail, the definition and available power from such compact enclosures. We truly look forward to any opportunity where we get to play music through a Flare Audio system, we cannot recommend it enough.

You don’t have to take our word for it

Since releasing the product to the market Flare Audio has been installed in the legendary Olympic Studios as part of new state of the art system for their new Dolby Atmos Cinema and at the Half Moon, Putney,which has a rich past of live music since the early 1960’s with acts such as The Rolling Stones and The Who right through to more recent bands like Kasabian having performed there.

You pay for what you get, and that is true for so many products, but with Flare Audio systems we are able to give you a lot more than you paid for!

“Sound connects all people, all things. Let your music, your message, your voice be heard clearly.”  

Flare Audio

Flare Audio Pro Audio Product Range

ACE Bros are official Flare Audio partners and we offer a comprehensive hire stock of the Flare Audio product range, all flight cased and ready for action with long or short term rental options offered. Browse through our product listings to read more about each loudspeaker series and see how it can help improve the audio for your event or venue. Call, email or arrange a visit and we will happily show you what all the fuss is about.

P Series – Nearfield Sound

| P1 |

Q Series – Directional Horn Loaded Bass

| Q18 | Q15 | Q12 |

S Series – Ultimate Reference Monitor

| S1 |

SB Series – Flat Panel Bass Loudspeakers

| SB12A | SB12C | SB18A | SB18C | SB21A | SB21C |

V Series – Versatility & Performance

| V6 | V8 | V12 | V15 |

X Series – Touring Line Array & Point Source High Pack

| X3A | X3C | X5A | X5C |

Flare Audio is a British company, using locally sourced British materials and skills. By hiring or installing Flare Audio loudspeakers you are directly supporting a British brand and jobs.

To discuss your event needs, equipment rental rates or just need some guidance, feel free to call us on 020 8150 1890, texts to 078 7512 9770 or email us info@acebros.co.uk

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